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Farmer Payne Architects

Farmer Payne Architects, based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with offices in Sun Valley, Idaho and Shreveport, Louisiana, creates high-end beautiful homes, custom residential architecture, luxury commercial architecture and interior design.

We don’t follow trends at Farmer Payne Architects, we defy them. Our work, while clean and contemporary, is also timeless.

Our designs are unique, but unobtrusive, fresh, but still refined, and each project is informed by place. The surrounding landscape, weather and region influence the buildings we design.

Our work often blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors, creating spaces that seamlessly merge with the landscape. We are drawn to natural light and design to maximize its use throughout our buildings.

Our work is clean and modern. We aren’t defined by a particular style, but instead known for projects that use high-quality materials and are created through a collaborative process with our clients.

Farmer Payne Architects is Jamie Farmer and Scott Payne who met while working at Carney Logan Burke Architects in Jackson Hole in 2007. Their shared work ethic and belief in landscape-inspired design led to their partnership in 2017. They each bring more than a decade of architecture experience. Both are LEED Accredited Professionals and understand green building concepts and design. Both Jamie and Scott have extensive construction backgrounds. So while they push the envelope creatively design-wise, they also understand how to create structures that are buildable and enduring, as well as elegant and unique.