Project Manager

Project Description

Jakub Galczynski

Project Manager, LEED Green Associate


Known in the Farmer Payne Studio as “the Thinker,” Jakub’s wheels are always turning.  When tasked with a new project, Jakub treats it like a book he can’t put down.  The results are designs that are thorough in both function and aesthetics.  His goal is to always design something that has a lasting impression and invokes self exploration.    

Jakub earned his Masters in Sculptural Architecture at Montana State University and was nominated for the the Tau Sigma Delta Bronze Metal.  He was also a recipient of the McLaughlin Imagination grant, which funds research in design curiosity and innovation.   Jakub contributes unique embellishments and craft to his designs.

Although his initial love for architecture developed in Chicago, his childhood city, he saw prospect in Western Mountain towns and was attracted to the unmarked landscapes and organic architecture found in nature.  

Jakub was initially drawn to Farmer Payne Architects after observing a smaller project designed by Principal Architect, Jamie Farmer.  He appreciates the attention to sculptural detail no matter the scope or size of a project and always looks to establish a design foundation from which to work.  He finds this concept drives the design aesthetic and functionality.

Jakub finds his inspiration trail running in the mountains with his partner Delilah and appreciates the simplicity of a post-run PBR.