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Ryan Walters

Project Manager

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Known for his ski excursions and love for travel Ryan’s drive to explore doesn’t stop with the outdoors.  He approaches architecture in the same exploratory fashion, by putting all of the options on the table and determining the best route to achieve a design that is both inventive and sustainable.

Pushing the bounds creatively and allowing the surrounding communities to energize designs Ryan aims to make architecture approachable.  His designs consider all of the components and he prides himself on bringing design concepts into reality.   

He earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental design and a master’s degree in architecture from Montana State University in Bozeman.

Before turning to architecture, he co-founded Caravan Skis, where he designed handmade skis. He also built custom steel-fabricated furniture. His background in furniture and ski design trained his eye for details. He understands small-scale design and bringing together all of the design elements.

After 10 years in Bozeman, Ryan knew he wanted to return to Jackson and joined Farmer Payne Architects’s in early 2017.  He was drawn to the creative leadership that encourages a work-life balance.

Ryan’s most recent excursion took him to a remote village in Nepal, where he and several of his fellow MSU’s Architecture Graduate Students designed and built a climbing school for the world’s most ambitious Mountain Guides.   The project is slated to be completed in June 2019, an achievement Ryan will celebrate with his close friends and favorite craft beer.