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“Scott is an excellent architect and as a builder, I have been privileged to work with him on a couple of projects. He is very meticulous and innovative as well as very creative with his designs. He is an excellent communicator and is a tremendous help in keeping the job running smoothly. I look forward to many more projects in the future with Farmer Payne Architects.”
– Terry Elston Builder

“Scott is a great architect and I would recommend him to my closest friends without reservation. He has exceptional design skills and the understanding of the entire construction process to ensure that a design is realized in the final product. Farmer Payne Architects are the type of professionals that you can trust implicitly to see that high standard and attention to detail that one would desire in a custom home is met. If you are looking to build a custom home, I strongly recommend that you spend the time to talk to Farmer Payne Architects. ”
– Christian Valiulis

“As a builder in the Shreveport Bossier City area I get to see many different designs. Jamie and Scott’s attention to even the smallest detail is second to none. They strive to take what the customer wants and turn it into something more than ” just another house”. I would definitely recommend Farmer Payne Architects and can’t wait for the chance to work with them again!”
– Ryan Smith Builder

“Jamie Farmer and Scott Payne are very creative and knowledgeable architects. They work within your budget, but will also give you options to expand or reduce your project. We found them very flexible to our ideas, and incorporated our thoughts into the design process. Scott made trips to our lot to get a feel for the house we wanted on the lake. He made sure our lot and home where in harmony with one another. By that I mean, he took full advantage of our lot being on a lake by designing huge “lake facing” windows that we now enjoy so much! He worked well with our builder, and always had a friendly, professional manner. We couldn’t be happier with our architects and our new home!”
– Renee Gresham

“Wonderful architects! Worth every penny. Such a beautiful design and so many things we never would have known to do or not to do without their expert advice. Highly recommend Farmer Payne Architects. Would definitely work with them again.”
– Marti Williamson Vienne

“We are absolutely thrilled with the job Farmer Payne Architects has done for us and would recommend Scott to our friends and family. Our project is a somewhat complicated one, being a combination renovation of an existing home of approximately 2000 square feet combined with the building of a new home addition of approximately 2400 square feet which is incorporated into one new home. From the beginning of the project, Scott has always exhibited his possession of vision. This allows him to see into the realm of possibility. He then communicates his ideas effectively and efficiently utilizing strong visual, verbal and written skills. We are very thankful that we have had Scott to rely on.

Scott does an excellent job of handling difficult situations constructively, balancing concern for productivity and results with sensitivity for our needs and budget. He possesses extemely strong interpersonal skills. An extremely organized individual, Scott always follows through on commitments, takes disciplined action as well as personal accountability for results. He aligns his individual goals with the overall project goals and then aggressively strives to exceed them to make things better and better which he has continually delivered on.

Scott approaches work as if his responsibilities extend beyond his job description in a positive manner, does an exceptional job in championing change aligned with the project strategy and coming forward with creative and resourceful solutions to problems which results in more effective and efficient utilization of time and resources. He promotes an environment that supports effective collaboration with all parties.

Scott is dependable and can always be counted on, is driven, requires no follow-up, has a passion for his work, is motivated, comes forward with solutions and not problems, and is a very diligent individual. It is a pleasure to work with Scott professionally and to have gotten to know Scott personally.”
– Guy Sistrunk